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(Joined)Elemental Shaman Application Empty (Joined)Elemental Shaman Application

Post  nigredo on Mon Mar 17 2008, 09:33

Personal information:

Real name: George
Age: 26
Country: Greece

Character information:

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Moonglade&n=Nigredo
Name: Nigredo
Class: Shaman
Race: Tauren
Professions: Alchemist (Elixir Mastery) and many good discoveries / Herbalist both max out also i can transmute anything
Played time: 86 Dayes 6 Hours
Previous guilds: Wrath - Elders
Talent spec: 43 4 14 got 2 specs got Elemental spec and Healer spec. My talents are build the way that they can help in raids with Totemic Mastey that increase the radius of my totems to all party members also I use Totemic Focus so the raid never runs out of totems. I can do well too with the chain healing. And as i remember i have never run out of mana in raids.

Playtime and other :

How often can you play?
Well I do two jobs and that is a problem for me because I work also at Friday and Sunday nights and as you can see my gaming time is precious so each time I log in im trying to give 100% of my game play experience thats why I really hope to join Maleficium because it looks a very organized ans serious guild.. i am looking forward to have some action with you all. But i can raid 4 days a week.

Your WoW experience (Before and after The Burning Crusade):

I was with Wrath raiding in MC ZG BWL but actually i was more a PvP player (rank 12 for those who remeber)

Why did you leave your previous guild if you had one?
I was tired watching all the alts raiding and the main characters not.

Why do you want to join our guild?

I have done some heroics with the Maleficium's GM and i found him very normal and reasonable and i believe that this guild has many people with experience in World Of Warcraft and actually sometimes i feel lonely :p Wink
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