[Holy Pala] Crimvar - Nonguild recruit.

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[Holy Pala] Crimvar - Nonguild recruit.

Post  Crimvar on Fri Mar 14 2008, 01:02

My mum always told me i was special, and so did my teachers... Not with the same underlying opinion though...
So why am i so special... Because i want to raid, without giving up my guild, and in return for a raidspot.. I can offer you either a superb pala tank with decent gear, or a +tier4 healer that will rip with you through Kara, and hopefully to bigger instances.

Now about my char: Paladin healer at the moment, but im dying to tank a little.. And die a little. Ive been playing a paladin since Beta, and i absoloutly adore my character. He has a long and detailed background story and im an utter sucker for RP... Therefore i dont wish to leave my guild (consisting of me and my cousin ><).

The character breakdown:
Class: Paladin
Spec: Holy, but would like to apply as tank...
Race: Belfie
Sex: Male
Hawt: Yes
I wont link my army profile cause im prolly dressed in shiny gear, or violet tier 0.5...
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Moonglade&n=Crimvar (Did it anyway, but look with preservative)
Im exalted with the Violet Eye, and i got roughly 1800 or so healing unbuffed. My tanking gear slacks a little, but i got quite a load from Karazhan. Ive been raiding Karazhan, Zul'Aman, SSC, TK, Gruul and the outdoor raidbosses.

So what do i expect from your guild and what could you expect from me... Well i pride myself in honesty, and really the only thing i could ever expect is a fun time, with some hopefully nice people. I dont know any of you, but im sure there are great foundation to build a great time uppon.
Other than that: A raidspot in your raids once a while.
From me you can expect a dedicated and healthy raider... Im staying and showing when i sign up, and i dont sneak off when things are going bad.
Though i am not one to shut my trap, when people are making obvious errors... Move in Flame Wrath and you ill hear it

Some of you have proberly already heard of me, or seen me on the general forums. Admitted i can be a rude ****, but most of the times im pretty harmless, and a nice bloke... I tend to have greater pationce with RPers and people who shows me they posses more than one braincell and a jumpstarter to kickstart it.

So all in all: Mind another platey take a few hits in your raid?... Offtanker rather.

Rp story is filling roughly ten pages.. Therefore a shortened version.

Chapter I

Nearly 8000 years ago Queen Azhara of the Elves took her Highborne on a journey across the great ancient Kalimdor, to a magical lake. The Highborne or Quel’Dorei settled at the lake, and began to thrive there. They soon discovered the magic potential of the lake, and began studying it. The Elves left behind in the western part of Kalimdor, did not appreciate their studying of the lake.

The Elven army was great, and one of the most glorious battalions was lead by Orin’Var Phoenixheart – A seasoned General of Dath’Remar Sunstrider. Soon Orin’Var began to find interest in the magic potential of the lake. He saw his fellow Quel’Dorei learning simple magic, and it fascinated him, in a grasping way. In the peacetimes he began studying the lake, and soon he learned the basics of the mind.

Not long time should pass before the Quel’Dorei learned that the Sun was the source of all life, and the moon was merely a servant of the Sun. Therefore Orin’Var began to understand, and learn the light the Sun emitted. He tought his battalion the arts of the light, and soon they grew more powerful than before. Empowered to heal wounds, and cleanse diseases, and still cause devastating damage to their opponents, these great warriors were the first of the Quel’Dorei to wield the blessing of the Sun.

But soon the first invasion of the Burning Legion began, and after devastating fights Azhara shattered Kalimdor apart, leaving only few of the Quel’Dorei as survivors. Dath’Remar and Orin’Var was a few of them, and as Dath’Remar exiled the Quel’Dorei to Quel’Thalas, Orin’Var and his followers followed with him.
In their new found land, the Quel’Dorei crafted great cities, and began to praise the Sun as their god. Orin'Var used peacetimes to illuminate the people of Quel'Thalas, and soon the ranks of the Sunknights began to strengthen.

But time passed on, and eventually Orin’Var died of old age, however behind him he left a heir for the title. Earn’Var Phoenixheart – sadly he was not a great heir to the title, and in time, his son Thael’Var took over the title in a simple age of 400 years. Nothing but a boy this valiant lad challenged the world, and succeed, becoming almost as great a legend, as his grandfather. Sadly he was amongst the fallen during the siege of the Scourge. He died defending the Sunwell, and many of the Sunknights fell with him.

Though he left two young elves to heir his legend. His first born; Crim’Var helped stand against the invasion of Scourge, while his sister Sun’Var was exiled to the safe quarters of the Royal Exchange.

Chapter II


The dusty summerrain was lightly moistering his sparkling red garment in the hot summersun... It was lightly raining, with the Sun shining bright on them, as the defenders was preparing the frontlines, and bolstering the maingate.

In the horizon you could hear the screams, and crying of the falling peasents in the southern part of Quel'Thalas... Somehow the Scourge managed to gather the three keys, blessing access to the Elven kingdoms.. And now, minute for minute the inventiable stepped closer and closer.

"I observed the thin summerrain, gently falling down and being damped by the Sun...
The grand vestibule west of the Royal Exchange, and the Bazaar holded the Sunwell.. The commoneers quarters where life was at hand, and the children was playing in the sparkling waters, pouring down from the magical bowls.
There we stood... No life, no children, and no laugther... Only commands, and the noise of battle-preparation... And the beautifull sound of the elven maid singing for us - the Quel'Dorei blessings being spread over the great vestibule strengthen us, empowering us with curage, and valor. Her voice was a blessing of the Sun, a last gift to the knights of Quel'Thalas.

I had no fear... I was cleared with my destiny, and my few hours left.
I raised my head, letting the soft rain hit my face moistering my skin as a slight grin smirked over my lips... Everything would be alright soon... Soon i should join with my mother, and tell her of all the things she missed.

Deep down i knew my sister would be alright... She had the true heart of the Phoenix. Nothing could ever question her faith".".

His thoughts was all of sudden errupted by the scout, crying for readyment.
The rangers on the citywalls, and on the roofs prepared their bows and stuck arrows ready for grapping in the roof and int he cracks in the wall.

Thael'Var the Phoenixheart rised from his knees, as he finished his prayer.
He unsheethed his massive Quel'Serra.. The legendary elvish highblade, before he locked his shield preparing himself for the incomming legion.
Through the gates and beyond in the horizon, the scourge could slightly be seen.
Slowly the army marched closer and closer. Few of the dark soildiers fell to the ground as the powerfull Sun smited them.. It looked like anything but an army.
Mindless zombies ranking with risen skeletals, and undead soldiers.
Ghouls dragging their ragged bodies over the ground, along with spiderfiends reaching over the questionable ranks. Few demonic creatures ranked along with them.

A dark rider on a skeletal horse, rode out scouting the area.
The soothing rain was pierced by a loud "wushh", as a searing arrow ripped through the air, and piercing the riders armor... Seconds after his ragged garment was ungulfed in flames, and far away you could see him confused reining his horse, before falling to the ground.

The ranger, standing on a building a few yards behind the knights looked satisfied with his ranged shot, however it sealed their fate.

The Scourge reached range, and with a loud command barrages of burning arrows rained down uppon the Scourge, along with searing fireballs from the sky.
A half of dousin fell to the first barrage.. A frustrating looks, yet the rangers and suncarnists prepared for another barrage.

The Scourge reached the gates, as they slowly moved through the great arch.. One by one the rangers and suncarnists got slain by the necromancers, being protected by the great numbers of soldiers.

Weak ranged resistance was left as the insane masses took hold in the square before the bridge... The Sunknights standing ready to defend themselves was horrified.
Not by the exaderating numbers, but the sight of fellow Highbornes... Ripped from will, and life, they stood like mindless minions of the Scourge.. In their ranks.

The Sunknights fate was know known.. Now death looked like a blessing.
Twice a dousin of Sunknights stood ready to face the eventianable, as the Scourge marched closer. They began to bless and seal themselves as the first ghouls rushed mindlessly into our blades.

And as a break from the sky, a thunderspike crushed the skies sending hordes of rain over us.. From a soothing paradise, to a living hell.

"The rain blasted down on my pauldrons, soaking my hair, and my garments...
I prepared my blade, as i found myself hurling it into the face of a skeleton. The waves became more frequent, and soon we stood blade to blade with hundreds of proofs of death it self. The suncarnists in the back hurled fire, and and arcane concentrations down on the masses, as the knights holded the front".

One by one the knights fell to their knees as the rain soaked their body, carrying away the blood. The intense battle seemed lost already, and myself i found fighting four undeads at a time.
I heard the battlecry of my father, as i turned around looking to his direction.
He stood face to face with Arthas himself, as hordes of undeads was bashing on him

A swift strike from Frostmourne, sealed the fate of Thael'Var sending him to the ground.
Crim'Var rushed to his fallen father.
Thael'Var grasped his sons head, holding it tight and proud before speaking his final words... With a proud and stoic voice Thael'Var said to his son:"Your name will be know in all reaches son... Great deeds will follow in your trail, but dont forgot to look home.. and most of all.. Dont forget to take care of your sister.. She carries the heart of the Phoenix...... Just like you.. my son". - His final exhales was disrupted, as he pulled himself to the springing Sunwell. He pulled himself up on the ledge, before he soaked his hand in the sparkling waters, moistering his face. He looked to the Sun, before he let the Sun embrace his soul, exhaling his final breath.

The knights fell one by one, as the Suncarnists started to create portals to the safe quarters... Crim'Var kept figthing off the Scourge, as the commanding Sunlord pulled him off towards the portals... With a silent voice the commander said to him:"Flee now lad... Your revenge will shatter Arthas... Anar'alah belore!" - Crim'Var looked doubting back at the commander, before he thrusted his blade through the chest of a ghoul.. Crim'Var stumbled a few steps back as he saw the few remaining Sunknights fight... The commander cried out a loud "Bash'a no falor talah!", before falling to the ground.

Crim'Var realized the commanders last words, and rushed to the final portal with the scourge after him... The remaining Suncarnist grabed his hand, as the ported back to the safe quarters of Silvermoon. - The citizens looked horrified as the minutes was closing in. On the other side of the great wall, they could hear the citizens getting slained by the Scourge, and with one... Their lifeline got destroyed.

Arthas raised Frostmourne, before hurling it into the Sunwell, shattering it and its waters over the ground... His forced destroyed the great garden, before moving north to set sails for Northrend.

Sun'Var rushed through the wounded masses of soldiers, before finding her brother.
She threw herself into his arms, weeping silently blessing herself with her brother.

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Re: [Holy Pala] Crimvar - Nonguild recruit.

Post  tygretehgreat on Fri Mar 14 2008, 06:51

We are a raid guild not a raid group. So sadly as I know. Its name above your head or no phat loot for you. Wink
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Re: [Holy Pala] Crimvar - Nonguild recruit.

Post  Crimvar on Fri Mar 14 2008, 07:39

Already got phat loot, just hungering for some raiding.. But if you dont fancy that, i respect that.. Good luck with your guild Smile

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Re: [Holy Pala] Crimvar - Nonguild recruit.

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