(Joined)Silera - Rogue

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(Joined)Silera - Rogue

Post  Silera on Mon Mar 03 2008, 11:15

Personal information:

Real name: I tend to keep that private.
Age: 18
Country: Denmark

Character information:

Armory link: Click ( Ive got more karazhan gear in my bags, the ones shown is just what ive chosen to wear at the moment )
Name: Silera
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead
Professions: Skinning ( 375 ) Leatherworking ( 375 )
Played time: About 4 years or so.
Previous guilds: Dragonclaw Mercenaries, Strife, Unguilded Leftovers and Eclipse.
Talent spec: 19/42/0 ( Swords combat )

Playtime and other :

How often can you play?

The way things are now, i can play almost every day from 16:00ish server time ( at latest ) to about 00:00 - 01:00ish. If i want some sleep.

Your WoW experience (Before and after The Burning Crusade):

Never got any real raiding experience pre TBC. Full Karazhan clear. Maulgar downed, Gruul to 1%. Nalorakk in ZA downed. Attempts on Halazzi and Akil'zon.

Why did you leave your previous guild if you had one?

Argument with Guild leader ( Saying things about me and people in general behind their backs )

Why do you want to join our guild?

Well i know Tygre who ive been in a raid group with before, and im hoping that its a guild of nice people who you can have fun while progressing with. Also i think raiding is a great way to have fun, even if it is "serious buisness" for some people.

- Silera

(EDIT : Forgot about my ZA experience )

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Re: (Joined)Silera - Rogue

Post  tygretehgreat on Mon Mar 03 2008, 12:02

Excellent application from both of you. Managemento will get back to you guys asap Smile
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