*Important* Read this before posting your application.

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*Important* Read this before posting your application.

Post  Hlynn on Mon Feb 11 2008, 02:47

Welcome to Maleficium forums.
This is a guide on how to make a presentable application for the guild.

In order to be eligible to join our ranks we will need some information and some standard requirements on your part.

Standard Requirements of an Applicant.

Physical Requirements:

- Good computer with a stable line that causes no disconnects.
- Ventrilo and a microphone. (this counts for 25man raids)
- Ability to participate 2 raids at 19:30 - 0:00 Server time during a week at least.

In-Game Requirements:

- Attuned with Karazhan.
- Honored with Lower City/Honor Hold/Cenarion Expedition/Keepers of Time.
- Able to farm own pots and repair costs.
- First Aid 375. (optional)

Personal Requirements:

- 18 years or older.(specific exceptions are met)
- Cooperative personality.
- Fluent in English.
- Patience and Iron Will.
- Fast learner.
- Quick eyed with good reflexes and initiative.
- Knowledgeable of your own class and any past or future trash/boss encounter.

==> Understanding of Guild Mechanics

- While on trial period you are entitled to no loot whatsoever. (Casual raiders have prio, you still can gain loot if they don't need.)
- We value skill and attendance far more than seniority and gear.
- Rude people and generally people that could and/or destroy our guild's image in any way, should close this window now. Smile

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