Aric al around paladin

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Aric al around paladin

Post  aric on Mon Jul 28 2008, 03:43

Personal information:

Real name:(Optional) daniel
Country:(Optional) sweden

Character information:

Armory link: shows a ooollllldddd version only.
my healing gear: are 1914 bonus healing around 11k mana 91 mana regen
tanking gear: 13.5k hp 530 defens 350 speel dmg
dps gear: 1800 ap 26% crit
got almost full epic in al gear mabey 1 or 2 blue items
Played time: 54 days
Previous guilds: do i need to say al of them, the bigger once are wicked,dark remains,plague born,maleficium
Talent spec: got al speces

Playtime and other : to much

How often can you play? al days

Your WoW experience (Before and after The Burning Crusade): al bosses in kara,ZA,magh,gruul,ssc and first in tk

Why did you leave your previous guild if you had one? realy hate the GM

Why do you want to join our guild? miss the maleficium feeling and al good people al realy miss varies talk in TS:-)

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